Dermatologists and surgeons specialising in facial rejuvenation wanted to offer technologically advanced skin care products for their patients, to accompany general medical and cosmetic procedures. Their research led to the development of Dermaceutic – a range of cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimize and maintain the results of all medical and cosmetic procedures.

Homecare Range:

The Dermaceutic homecare range focuses on the three essential areas of skin rejuvenation: stimulation, protection and repair. It was created to address most skin types’ needs- from pigmentation to fine lines to acne- and contains a unique combination of active ingredients at unequalled concentrations for a luminous complexion and firmer, smoother skin. The products are packaged in airless bottles to ensure optimum hygiene, ease of use and a minimal concentration of preservatives.

Dermaceutic has a deep knowledge of the most efficient chemical peel agents and has thus also developed a range ofpeelings used by skincare specialists worldwide. With Dermaceutic professional products, the skincare specialist is able to treat general skin concerns; from the superficial and harmless, to the most complex and delicate cases. Chemical peels can be defined as an accelerated form of exfoliation, induced by a chemical agent. It activates different types of modifications in the skin, depending on the depth of the peel.

Professional Peels:

Skin specialists will advise on the most suitable peel, depending on the treatment objective. The different peel strengths are:

Gentle peels (Mask Peel and Milk Peel)

Suitable for treating: dull complexion, first signs of ageing, greasy, acne-prone skin, visible pores, excess sebum, wrinkles, epidermal stimulation.

De-pigmentation peels (Mela Peel and Mela Cream)

Suitable for treating: pigmentation spots, pregnancy dark spots, melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Rejuvenation peels (Cosmo Peel and Cosmo Cream)

Suitable for treating: ageing skin, smoker’s complexion,dark spots, wrinkles, stretch marks.